Understanding and Training your Weimaraner Dog & Puppy to be Good

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Preparing for a new dog can take a lot of work! If you know any other great rescues that we can add to this list, let us know in the comments below. We just adopted a 6 yr old Weim and she is so slow. We got her from a breeder and knew she had 5 liters and over 50 puppies. She just wants to sleep. We have tried to walk her daily and encouraged her to fetch. We have a pool and she isnt interested in swimming.

She is completely the opposite of our last weim that died in 3 days from a strange cancer at age Is she normal? Will she ever be able to run and have fun?

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We are Weim lovers to the core. But, you are correct. They require lots of exercise and company. But, it pays off. They are extremely smart and beautiful, and a joy to take anywhere you go. We were all broken hearted when she died, so we got another one 8 days later. They are amazing dogs, especially if you put in the time and take care of their needs. On weeks when we are busy, doggie daycare is a life saver! She sleeps with my son and is one of the happiest dogs in the world.

We are so blessed. I am on the list to get a Weim puppy in April. I really want this breed of dog due to their energy I am a runner and need a running partner , intelligence, beauty and personality. The only thing I am worried about is that I work full time. I am able to come home at lunch, and my roommate has a small dog that will be a companion to him.

Does anybody think this will work?

I really want it to! Should I consider Doggy daycare? It can absolutely work.

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Just learn about all of the tricks to get your puppy used to you leaving and knowing you will come back. And Work at that separation anxiety issue starting early as possible. We work full time.

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I get up early to take mine to the dog park to sprint around for the first hour of the day and then visit him during lunch. And on the days that I am unable to do this, it is doggie daycare. These dogs are so very special but they do have interesting quirks. Say goodbye to your personal space. They really only want to be with you all of the time. But you can still do it even with a full time job. Dear All, these dogs are the best, just lost my 16 year old girl, never left my side and was my best friend. Put the effort in and see the rewards you get.

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I too lost my baby , she was She was the best dog ever. My vet even loved her. I have gotten another Wiemeraner , 8 weeks old now 2 and man I forgot the energy these dogs have, but I love it! Just cant get a better watch dog or guard dog, but the most beautiful loving protector. Our neighbors know the bark and which one to go out and look around.

Best, best, best dog ever! I had a wiemeraner to but she past away sadly from seizures but she was the best pet I ever had in my hole life. I got her because I was lonely and needed a friend. Me and her would play all day. I have a four month old male Weimaraner named Mazoo. I take him for walks down by the river daily. I work full-time, but he has the kids to keep him company. He sleeps with me at night.

He does tend to playfully bite a lot. I love him. We chose him 5 days old and visited him for all 8 weeks!! Last wee up and out every day ! I worked with her and she hunted pretty well after learning at age 6 what it meant. Before she crossed the rainbow bridge I got a puppy with the intent she was going to be a family dog first and I would train her for upland hunting on the side. The pup we found had zero hunting lineage in her family tree, but she just took to it naturally!!


She is now 5 years old and an amazing upland hunting dog Pheasants, Grouse, Quail, Woodcock and a wonderful family companion.. I would certainly say they are not the first choice in the hunting community for gun dogs, but the Hunt is alive in well in Weims, if you want it to be!!!! I have a three year old male weim which is a great retriever. I need to start training him to point soon! We have a 4 month old Weim and she loves our German Shepherd, yes she drives him crazy nonstop biting and playing with him.

But she also eats everything in the yard she can get her teeth on. We also have chihuahuas and she knows not to mess with them only after two months. Our first weimaraner was the anti-christ! WE named him Jason. That dog growled at me from day 1. But he would have fought a chain saw for my kids or my wife. After we got past the growling he was a really good dog, protective, loyal, intelligent.

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Although, he would run away at the first opportunity, usually on the coldest night. Every cop in town had a chance to bring him home. Snotty nose prints all over the car.