Time Trippers: The Nights of the Round Table

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Origin of round table Middle English word dating back to — Examples from the Web for round-table But yes, I'd like to ' round-table ' that, as Ed Meese would say. The Mercenaries Henry Beam Piper. From the Easy Chair, vol.

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Goethe and Schiller L. For the first time, women took over many jobs only men could do before, working in defense plants, as railroad and streetcar conductors and other jobs.

While they returned to more domestic chores immediately following the war, that taste of independence was very heady stuff indeed and sewed the seeds of liberation. The Vote — For the first time, the newly independent woman had to be taken seriously by politicians. Radio — Starting with KDKA in Pittsburgh, commercial radio exploded across the country spreading culture and jazz like nothing before. Prohibition — It also encouraged binge drinking.

As a badge of the new liberation, fashion stripped its gears starting in with mid-calf length skirts sweeping gasp! By , the knee-length skirt appeared and with the rolled stockings, bare knees became visible at times.


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Prohibition encouraged enterprising ladies to hide their indispensable hip flasks under the skirts, strapped to garters just above the knees. Between the music, Prohibition and the resultant lawlessness, the spirit of liberation took off and women led the way.

History has seldom known so startling a transformation in so short a time. This is the identical gulf that divides the Younger Generation from its parent.

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The girls carved it. It is always the women folk who have called the social tune, as always; the men who dance to it.

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Like the previous volume, most of the songs on the track were released before December 31, but Disciple did a great job maintaining a consistent theme of captivating drops. Below are some of the songs on Knights of the Round Table Vol. The song itself is eccentric while still maintaining an edgy, eerie aesthetic.

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  • While most artists hint at what type of bass drop they are going to give their listeners, Barely Alive challenges that by adding new, often polarizing elements throughout the song. Grab tickets here.

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    The song really showcases what Dodge and Fuski can do with their music and proves to fans that Dodge and Fuski are great alone, but better as a team. You may have not heard of this Los Angeles based DJ yet, but you will. Slimez , born Cameron Kush, has perfected the art of dark sound in his music, yet his music is still energetic.