The Sapiential Discourses: Universal Wisdom

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The Sapiential Discourses: Universal Wisdom, Book II - Universal Wisdom (Paperback)

Sessions Held All Day Long. Join with bestselling author and international channel Elliott Eli Jackson for your private session with Source. In the Friday night July 29th workshop, participants will hear spiritual principles set forth in the books sent to man and womankind from Source. The commonly held perceptions of self are discussed and the universal truths about the true nature of humans are set forth.

Source explains in great detail who they are and who we are. The truth about personal creatorship is discussed and how you can raise your vibration to a level that allows you to obtain all which you desire and maintain such.


The workshop is interactive which allows the participants to ask Source any question they desire. It is a reaffirming, life-changing opportunity to have direct communication with pure Source energy. Private Session appointments are expected to sell out fast. Space is limited as this is the only event they will be doing in New Hampshire on their tour.

Elliott himself is not conscious and does not recall anything that occurs in the session. It is a uniquely powerful healing session, and is unlike anything that they have experienced before. Aesthetical intertextuality with Proverbs 8 is also obvious in Ben Sira and 1 Enoch.

The Sapiential Discourses Universal Wisdom, Book IV: Spiritual Warfare by Elliott Eli Jackson

However, Ben Sira equates wisdom directly with the Mosaic Torah cf. Nickelsburg Nickelsburg , links sapiential sayings to an eschatological framework. To study this less obvious intertextuality this paper first analyses the character and function of the raz nihyeh in two relevant sections of 4QInstruction.

Alan Watts ~ Universal Energy Spiritual Wisdom

Next, two paragraphs in Proverbs 8 are similarly analysed. These seem to give some information on the probable link between the raz nihyeh and wisdom. The results are then compared in a broader sociological context to answer the question of their probable connection. Raz Nihyeh in 4QInstruction. Two sections of 4QInstruction can be studied to investigate the probable intertextuality with wisdom in Proverbs 8: these are 4Q 2 III 13 and 4Q 1 i.

The term raz nihyeh is used in both of these passages, linked to some kind of instruction. The term raz nihyeh occurs four times in this passage. It is either the object of study cf.

Goff Every time the secret-to-be is linked to wisdom teaching, expounding to the learner the nature of his elect status and the contents of his filial and matrimonial relationships. This unit can be subdivided into two sections: 4Q 2 III 15 dealing with the nature of the learner's elected status and 4Q 2 III 16 addressing his filial and matrimonial relationships cf. The term raz nihyeh occurs in both of these subunits. In the subunit of 4Q 2 III the term is used in line 9. In this subunit study of the mystery enables the learner to understand the meaning of his inheritance 17 cf. Studying the raz nihyeh 'is the chief means by which the mebin can learn something' Goff This enigmatic expression is linked in these lines to well-known terms of the Hebrew Bible, giving to them a new meaning. Whereas 'inheritance' generally has a monetary meaning, it becomes here an 'inheritance of glory' lines having a worldly as well as a heavenly aspect. As part of God's divine design that guides reality cf.

Goff the learner receives an inheritance that gives to him an elected status on earth, life after death, and even affinity with the angels. He understands the mystery of God's design and by means of it he understands his elected status in this life and after death.