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This idea that retaliation against a transgression is allowable has ancient roots in the concept of Lex Talionis, which roughly translates into the law of retaliation.

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A person who injures someone should be punished with a similar amount of harm punishment. This concept was developed in early Babylonian law, and it is here that we see some of the first written forms of customs and practices. Thus, around b. We recognize these today to be our first attempt at written laws. These laws pictured below represent a retributive approach to punishment. That is proportional punishments for past harms done. The retributivist philosophy also calls for any suffering beyond what was originally intended during sentencing to be removed.

This is because the dosage of punishment is the core principle of retribution: offenders who commit the same crime must receive the same punishment. Punishments beyond the original balancing of justice for the past harm is outside of the scope of retribution, and thus, does not fit with retribution. Cooney, Mark.

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