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Big Idea. Rebuilding the vocal tracts of extinct creatures could let us hear long-lost sounds: an ancient whale song, the cries of our ancestors. Hunting Moons Outside the Solar System. Why is gravity so pathetically weak compared to other forces? An elaborate version of a very simple device may reveal the answer. Health journalist Jeff Wheelwright says the evidence linking small radiation doses to cancer is flimsy. Worried About Lyme Disease? Blame the Acorns. Fluctuations in the food chain mean there are tons of ticks out in the woods, and they'll be looking at us humans as food.

The Bowerbird's Sexy Optical Illusion.

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Male bowerbirds use forced perspective—and impressive building skills—to woo the females of the species. Discover Magazine on Facebook Discover Magazine. Recent Issues of Discover November. Photos Podcasts RSS. Follow us:.


More great sites from Kalmbach Media:. What Is Your Dog Thinking? Fighting a Windy Giant. And on the streets of Queens, our reporter is determined to blow it wide open.

A new "quantum microphone" can measure sound waves just a few quintillionths of a meter high—"much less than the size of a proton. You probably don't think about the Dirac equation on an average day, but it describes just about everything that happens to you. Geologists long rejected the notion that cataclysmic flood had ever occurred—until one of them found proof of a Noah-like catastrophe in the wildly eroded river valleys of Washington State.

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How to Make Anything Disappear. To map the supercontinent of the future, geologists first had to solve a vexing magnetic riddle. Powell , Veronique Greenwood , Sarah Zhang. The Brain. Bottles Full of Brain-Boosters.

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Or so they claim. Bacteria found in gold mines and frozen caves show the extreme flexibility of life, and hint at where else we might find it in the solar system. Getting Personal. Editor's Note. Editor's Note: The Great Escape. Please validate your email, by clicking "confirm my account" in the welcome email we sent you after registration.


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Description Additional Reviews Fulfillment Info. Hand and machine applique techniques are explored along with other exciting projects including: Exclusive Sue Garman pattern and photo tutorial for needleturn applique Whimsical appliqued pillow from Kellie Wulfsohn Appliqued flip flops in a delightful flower wall quilt Easy patriotic throw quilt Part 3 of our anniversary series Quiltmaker's Garden Peanut Patch - the jumbo addition to the Patch Pals Collection New designs from Dodi Lee Poulsen, Brenda Groelz and more Kits are available for a limited time for some of these patterns.

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  • The Purposes of Paradise: U.S. Tourism and Empire in Cuba and Hawaii.

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