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New perspectives: Left is Majungasaurus crenatissimus shown from the front, as opposed to side on as it is usually presented. Right shows Leaellynasaura amicagraphica in an experiment to see what they would have looked like if they were fat with giant tufted tails, rather than sleek and slim as dinosaurs are usually imagined. The pictures present dinosaurs in ways that they never have been before. Fierce beasts like Tyrannosaurus rex are typically shown in the middle of bloodily savaging their next meal, but modern day predators spend most of their days sleeping and digesting.

So Kosemen and Conway present the beast sleeping, curled up like a cat, making it look almost lovable. Climbing to safety: Goats are able to climb trees, although their skeletons look as though they are not adapted to it, so the artists imagined proceratops exhibiting the same kind of behaviour.

Lying in wait: This picture shows a plesiosaur, which are typically imagined in dynamic pose as they pounce on prey. Instead it's hiding in muck and algae near the shore, waiting for a meal to drift by. Another image the artists offer in the book shows a stegosaurus mating, staring lovingly in the eyes of his partner - a behaviour also never seen in traditional dinosaur art.

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A third image shows proceratops - a small species related to Triceratops - standing in the branches of a tree, following the behaviour of modern goats, which can climb trees even though their skeletons don't suggest they can. Fierce: The artists show the speculative nature of dinosaur with this striking image, which shows how a baboon skeleton may have been imagined by a palaeoartist. Sleek: Here is their representation of how a common cow might be drawn, based on its skeleton. Finally, the artists point out the highly speculative nature of dinosaur by re-imaging modern animals how palaeoartists might have based solely on their skeletons.

A baboon becomes a fierce long-limbed, bloodthirsty predator, by assuming its body was the exact shape of its skeleton, while a house cat peers over its shoulder with a reptilian face. All the authors will be giving talks and will be signing copies of the book. For further details and to book tickets, go here.

Boris Johnson slams Extinction Rebellion's 'nose-ringed crusties in hemp-smelling bivouacs' amid fury at police for failing to stop eco-mob shutting down swathes of London despite arrests. The book that could change the way we see dinosaurs: We think of them as sleek and fierce, but what if they were fat and furry? Our conception of dinosaurs is based on the interpretations of artists who imagine how they might have looked from their skeletal remains Now two artists offer a radical reinterpretation of how the prehistoric beasts appeared by challenging assumptions By Damien Gayle Published: BST, 5 December Updated: BST, 5 December e-mail 66 View comments.

Share this article Share. Curiosity: A house cat, drawn as a palaeoartist might imagine it. Share or comment on this article: The book that could change the way we see dinosaurs: We think of them as sleek and fierce, but what if they were fat and furry? More top stories. Bing Site Web Enter search term: Search. Download our iPhone app Download our Android app. Today's headlines Most Read Huge Bronze Age metropolis that was home to 6, people is unearthed in Israel complete with a temple, Seabirds always know where they are and how to get 'home' thanks to innate navigation ability - but can't Next Xbox could support virtual reality as Microsoft patent reveals technology for VR floor mat that pairs California bill makes it illegal to create deepfake porn of someone without their consent, with penalty of Instagram is testing a feature that lets users share stories in a group after Facebook dropped it due to Need to stay motivated this summer?

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From Fat To Fierce "It's Time to Put You First!" by Patrina "Mz. Ann" Randolph

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'The (Other) F Word' Is A Vibrant Anthology That Celebrates The Fat & Fierce — Start Reading Now!

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