Fifty Shades of Jungle Fever (The Jungle Fever Romance Quadrilogy Book 1)

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What kind of idiot am I to allow him to woo me into a romantic stupor like that? Yes, I was suckered but good. What have I done?

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My Fairy Hoochie languishes on her mini chaise with a chicken-shit grin on her face. You got us laid, is what! She purses her little lips. Mini-me has a point.

Fifty Shades of Jungle Fever – A Parody: The Ghetto Girl Quadrilogy – Book 1 – L. V. Lewis

I was practically having Tristan DTs just before he called, I was so damned horny. Tristan took me through some rather benign bondage routines and took the punishment deck completely off the table, so I felt fairly comfortable after the first scene. Thank goodness Daddy dearest never tied me up, blindfolded me, or locked me up. Otherwise Tristan—and me by default—would be SOL. Poor little fairy. At least she looks happy.


I shake off my ambivalence and smile to myself when I see the expression of utter bliss on her tiny face. It was a multiple-O night, as most nights are with Tristan White. I am always surprised how just the right amount of pressure executed in such a precise manner can be so lust-inducing.

He massaged and patted my derriere until he graduated to a light spanking, and the sight of my ass cheeks all bathed a dusky rose made him so hard I could still feel the sensation of the tip of his manhood hitting my cervix.

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I hug myself at the intensity of the recollection and then drag my ass out of bed. I tug on the shirt I ripped off Tristan the night before and slide on a clean pair of his boxer briefs. Naven in anything less than proper attire. Barefoot, I go in search of him. I follow the sound of voices. I stop just at the edge of the open door and listen. She is the whole package. Nate laughs. She has a strong maternal instinct. I almost laugh out loud on that one. Jada is like a female Tristan sometimes.

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Keisha is not prepared when she meets Tristan he is nothing like she thought he would be. He is young rich and sexy Tristan is also a Dom and so is his twin brother Nate who is a basketball player.

Jungle Fever HQ Official Trailer (1991) : Wesley Snipes

This was a really good book and I liked the dialogue that was going on in Keisha's head triple G and hoochie mama. Tristan who is looking for a new sub makes Keisha an offer that she can't refuse he will give them the money to start their company if she agrees to be his sub. Although she says yes she wants love and romance and to know that the relationship is going somewhere. Both Keisha and Tristan have had difficult childhoods and both of them is not willing to share with the other. Keisha who grew up with a father that beat her and her mother. Tristan introduces her to a whole new world of kinky sex and it was hot some of the sex scenes in this book were hotter than "Fifty Shades".

I also liked the fact that Jada was a sub already and she didn't share that with Keisha so she hooks up with Tristan's brother Nate.

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I also liked Keisha's mother she told it like it was. This was a really good book it was well written with no errors in grammar or spelling this was my first time reading this author and I am already listening to the next book in this series. I love IR romances and kink doesn't turn me off. I had such high hopes for a good scorching romance but this is not it. First, I don't understand what sane Black woman would take up a relationship with a rich white male and be remotely alright with safe words "jungle" and "fever", ummm, no. It was like this book was maybe written by a closet racist that has a sexual fetish with Black women. The female lead came off as childish, her constant need to prove she was a "down"sister was too much.

The whole thing was like the author apologizing for being a Black woman with a white man. All the forced drama was so unnecessary. I liked this story, Keisha and Jada want to start their own music store. While they are pretty much flush, they need a backer to give them La boost or extra financial padding. And oh boy does he! He overwhelmes Keisha and works real hard to win her affections. As the business progresses, so does their relationship. Redemption of the Heart.

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