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A cuebid of opponent's suit below 3NT, showing a partial stop in that suit and requesting partner to bid notrump with a holding such as Qx or Jxx.

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Common in the UK, less so elsewhere. When one of the missing honors is the 10 the rule will not apply, as one does not normally finesse for a 10 on the first round. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

Declarer Play at Bridge: A Quizbook - Barbara Seagram & David Bird (Interactive CD-ROM)

In the following entries, boldface links are external to the glossary and plain links reference other glossary entries. See also: Category:Card game terminology. English Bridge , no. This observation in the entry "Denomination" does not appear in the subsequent seventh Official Encyclopedia Manley et al, European Bridge League eurobridge.

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Retrieved Contract bridge. List of bidding conventions. Read about when to draw trumps. Having formed a plan, look for places where it could go wrong.

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Could the trump split be unfavourable? Do you have all the entries you need? Could you be blocked? If a finesse should fail, will you end up losing the lead to the wrong player? Might you end up losing trump control? Can you avoid ruffing in the long hand? Is there a back-up plan if any of these catastrophes should befall you?

Declarer Play At Bridge: A Quiz Book

For example, in the deal above, if the 8 is with East and East also runs out of Clubs after two rounds, your ruffing plan will fail. Nothing on this website may be reproduced without written permission from Bid and Made.

Just drop us a line, and we'll almost certainly say yes. Distribution of opponents cards in a suit - probability table Finesse With 9 cards play for the Q to drop Cutting off the supply NT ducking.

Opening lead Opening lead chart Rule of 11 NT calculation You lead a new suit Lead to a partner ruff Lead a higher card from a suit without an honour Lead through beatable strength but, up to weakness. After declarer-dummy lead After partners lead Leading to a ruff Discards, save the right suit You cant follow suit, maybe signal Signal chart for downloading. Start with a quick plan - Suit contracts Start with a quick plan - No Trump contracts Dont always assume a suit will break well