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What does fate have in store for them? Platform Nintendo Switch. Release Date Jun 27, File Size MB. Category Role-Playing , Adventure , Action.

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They enter and are trapped in a gas chamber slowly filling with poison gas. Cathy explains they must solve a puzzle to escape and they have one gas mask to share, but they have a limited time before she releases an even deadlier poison gas that renders the mask useless. Ray seemingly solves the first stage of the puzzle by balancing a scale, but she begins to succumb to the gas as the time limit runs out.

Ray notices that an air vent has opened and Zack boosts her up to reach it, allowing her to recover a keycard. However, in his haste to open the door Zack breaks the card just as time runs out and the second gas begins to be pumped into the room. Ray deduces the flammable properties of the gas, creating a spark that triggers an explosion to destroy the door. Despite their escape, the two are weakened by the gas and decide to rest, where Zack recalls a dream from his childhood when he lived under abusive caretakers.

When they proceed to the next room, he is forced to relive his childhood through a dollhouse puzzle mimicking his past, further agitating him. The obstacle the next room holds finally cracks Zack, involving two syringes: one being harmless and the other containing a dangerous hallucinatory drug. As he injects both into himself to spare Ray, Zack's past returns to haunt him, causing him to become more aggressive and threatening to kill Ray. Her reminder of the oath finally forces Zack to calm himself down and reaffirms it. In a flashback, it is revealed that Zack murdered his abusive caretakers after being inspired by a horror slasher movie.

In the present, Zack begins succumbing to the drug again and Ray is chased into the final room of the floor where Cathy herself is. In exhilaration, Cathy gives Ray a gun and suggests she kill Zack with it.

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Barely managing to get ahold of himself, Zack encourages Ray but she refuses, telling him that it's their choice to kill or be killed. Impressed by her words, Zack stabs himself to uphold their oath, angering Cathy who exits her safe room to inspect his body. Upon finding that he is still alive, she gleefully promises to torture him to death and threatens Ray with a machine-controlled gun installed on the ceiling, revealing that the gun she had given her was unloaded the whole time.

Instead, Ray calmly takes out another fully loaded gun hidden in her bag and shoots Cathy in the stomach.

The Angel of Death

This momentary distraction weakens her and lets Zack regain sufficient consciousness to deal the finishing blow. Rachel and Zack proceed to the elevator, where Rachel reveals she was in counseling after witnessing a murder when Zack collapses from his wounds. The two proceed to the elevator, but Zack collapses from his wounds and is slowly bleeding to death.

This forces Ray to keep moving ahead alone in hopes of finding anything that can heal him, meeting a priest named Abraham Gray on his floor modelled after a church complex. Gray and Ray make a deal whereby he will lead her back down to B5, Danny's floor, which stores the necessary medical gear, and in the process be allowed to let her go through a test to judge her character.

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Just before doing so, she promises Zack to retrieve a knife from his floor as well. Following Gray down to Cathy's floor again, Ray is instructed to restore power to the elevator in order to proceed further, and while beside him smells a strange bewitchingly sweet gas emanating from him. Journeying through the jail cells again, she is attacked by Cathy's zombie-like prisoners, now set free in her absence.

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Ray flees to the control room, activating Cathy's fire armament and booby traps to eliminate them. Meanwhile, back on B2, Zack has a continued dream of his childhood where he murdered another passing woman after his caretakers. Taken in by a kindly old blind man, Zack tries to sate his urge to kill by murdering a random man in hopes that the blind man would fear him. However, the man merely leaves to buy more food, and Zack soon discovers that the blind man was murdered by a pair of gleeful muggers.

Realising that destroying people's happiness was satisfying for him, Zack kills the pair and declares that he is a monster. Danny then approaches the unconscious Zack and wonders if he should kill him. Dannt tells the now-awake Zack how he survived using body armour, offering medicine to Zack in return for him gouging out Ray's eyes. Zack refuses, and Danny takes his leave. Meanwhile, Ray finds Zack's knife in a makeshift bedroom, and upon observing the room realises that she still knows nothing about him. Journeying back up to Gray's floor, the priest questions Ray's motives and concludes that she is a selfish witch who causes misfortune to those around her, additionally demeaning Ray's firm belief in her God.

Distressed, she flees and reunites with Zack, deciding to follow Danny's trail of blood to get medicine. On the way, Zack is forced to fight off a giant snake, sapping his strength even further. Gathering her courage, Ray decides to chase after Danny alone, and Zack gives her his knife for protection. Ray runs into Gray, who reveals that he has confiscated the medicine Danny was carrying. The scene shifts to a courtroom with Gray presiding as the judge over a witch trial to determine her identity, with the hallucinations of Danny, Eddie and Cathy to testify against her.

Cathy points out that Ray is hiding a lying heart under her calm facade, Eddie laments that Ray is selfish, and Danny boasts of her corrupted and unsaveable soul. With all the testimonies against her, Gray declares Ray a witch and sentences her to be burned at the stake. As Ray is about to burn in the fire, she reflects on her relationship with Zack, and finally comes to conclusion that he is her God -- the one who had always helped and saved her when she needed it most. Cutting herself with his knife, Ray successfully returns to the present, deducing that Gray has been using drugs to create illusions on his floor.

With death threats, Gray surrenders and gifts her the medicine, which Ray uses to stop the bleeding, disinfect the wound, and stitch it up, declaring her realisation to him. As they proceed to the final floor B1, Zack reveals that his mother's lover set him on fire, resulting in him sustaining burns all over his body that had to be covered up with bandages, and his mother selling him off to an illegal orphanage that trafficked children. Ray attempts to tell him a secret of hers as well, but cannot bring herself to in fear that he will hate for lying to him all this time. The elevator finally stops at B1, a dimly lit house with grey furnishings.

Zack heads deeper into the floor, opening a room at the end of the corridor filled with fake flowers and the corpses of a couple unnaturally stitched together with thread. Ray begins to go hysterical, begging him to kill her, before fainting. Danny then arrives suddenly and locks Zack out of the room, offering to unlock it only if he can fully explore the floor and find out Ray's past.

Zack reluctantly begins exploring the floor, managing to fight his way through various death traps only to fall into a hole filled with sharp spikes. Saved by Gray, the priest explains that he controls the entire building as an experimental facility to study and observe those who claim to believe in God, with those placed in B7 as "sacrifices" that are to be judged by the "angels" on each floor. Deciding to place some interest in their relationship, he provides Zack with a clue on how to proceed, allowing him to enter Ray's room.

A recorded news report details the murders of Mr. Gardner, a couple in wedlock whose bodies had been mutilated badly with bullet and knife wounds and were stitched together. Meanwhile, their daughter Ray was found completely unharmed even though a week had passed after their deaths, implying that she murdered her parents.

Zack continues watching a recording of an interview between Danny and Ray, where Ray reveals that her parents were abusive and hated her and each other.

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One night, her father finally snapped and stabbed her mother to death, prompting her to take her mother's gun and shoot her father to death. Afterwards, she stitched their bodies together in order to create the "perfect family" and lived happily with them until the police arrived. Noticing her blank, blue eyes, Danny reveals to Ray that his mother committed suicide due to him having been born missing an eye, and he becomes obsessed with Ray since her eyes resemble his mother's.

Angry and disgusted, Zack storms back to where Ray and Danny are and proclaims his suspicions that Ray is in fact the "angel" of B1, which Danny confirms, and reveals that Ray was sent to B7 after finding newfound faith in God by reading a Bible.