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She died at age 80 in They have no known living descendants. Ironically, Sullivan Ballou's letter was never mailed. Although Sarah would receive other, decidedly more upbeat letters dated after the now-famous letter from the battlefield, the letter in question would be found among Sullivan's effects when Governor William Sprague of Rhode Island traveled to Virginia to retrieve the remains of his state's sons who had fallen in battle.

Subscribe to the Ken Burns America Newsletter. Sullivan Ballou Letter facebook twitter email share. July 14, Camp Clark, Washington My very dear Sarah: The indications are very strong that we shall move in a few days — perhaps tomorrow. Explore Maps Follow the battles and troop movements. The Numbers Browse Biographies Learn about key Civil War figures. Honey, I love you. But you are much more than that — an example of a perfect man. I love you and we all adore you as a family. You are really loved by me my dear. That look in your flirty eyes which took me off my feet and still makes me feel like the most beautiful girl alive.

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I love you, honey. I love you, dear. All I need to start and end my day is your kiss.


I love you, my husband. You wonder why? How lucky I am. I love you, my love. You are my friend, my partner in crime, my confidant, my comforter and so much more. In everything I do, you are always in my mind. Want to bring back the groove in your relationship? Today is a holyday.

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A day to remember a courageous man who sacrificed himself for peace in the land. Rest in peace Kane, your legacy leaves on forever. My heart is filled with agony upon his death. It was painful. Now that he is dead, may the angels reward you for his endless effort in our organization. According to the word, it is used mostly for death.

Since it has its use case for situations of death mostly, it can be said to be mainly for death. The word is also like a reserved word for very serious losses. Other cases can be in extreme losses. You can express them when someone experiences a miscarriage, or near death experiences. It can also be used for people who have experienced mental torture, or some form of situation beyond their control.

If someone has gone missing, and has not been found for months, you can equally express your condolences while encouraging the person to be strong. We understand you lost someone dear to you, we are also sad by his sudden depature. Put yourself together, you are a strong woman, an inspiration to many. Fight it. Fight it Lauren, you are stronger than it. Rise back to your feet.

Come back to the Lauren we know. Come back Lauren, come back. We thank God for a great life lived by your grandfather. He lived a ripe full age. May his dear soul rest in perfect peace. They tell us that when our children die prematurely , they become Angels serving God in heaven. Rest assured he is worshiping together with the Holy Angels right now. We pray that God gives you the strength to overcome this loss.

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Yours Faithfully, Daniel. Sometimes, people die and the best thing we can do about it is to put ourselves together.

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Grandpa died at a ripe old age. He lived a wonderful life. He will never be forgotten. The world has just lost a great person. Dear James, put yourself together and be a man that you are. You know father will want you to get over this and move on with your life. He will be ever grateful to you when you achieve your dreams. God give you the strength to move further, amen.

The love between a sweet mother and her children is strong and everlasting. But rest assured, the love of God is greater. We pray for you this day that you find comfort in the arms of our dear Lord concerning this loss. At this time, we should confide in him more.

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Be prayerful and be strong, loves. We may not really know Tony, but we could tell he was a very busy person. He worked all day to feed himself and family. We say prayers on his behalf and wish him a succesful journey in the Spirit realm. We simpathize with you today for your loss. We are so sorry. We make supplications on your behalf and for the deceased also. May her gentle soul rest in perfect peace. We say goodbye to a man of valour, integrity and honesty. People like him are rare on the earth, may his good deeds speak for him in eternity.

Rest in perfect peace. May your peaceful Spirit find bliss in eternity.

Tom, memories of you is all I have left. You should have said good bye before leaving us, we would miss you forever, rest in peace. Death cheated and robbed us of your dear son. But we know our creator is all-mighty and able to redeem us from the power of death just as he promosed. We sympathize greatly with you.

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It is difficult to accept and live with a loss. But am sure it is a test to see if our faith is strong or not. May God give you the strength to overcome, amen.

The storm will surely come, It is inevitable. But may our dear Lord give us the strength to persevere, and remain firm. So sorry for your loss. Death will always look for sombody to victimize.